EBˣ Network

The EBˣ Network enables access to a wide and diverse pool of experts, buisness leaders, advisors and mentors to find innovative solutions to business growth

How the EBx network works

EntrepreneurBeta works with your organisation to define specific growth goals and design entrepreneurial programs. We then go out to our global network and build a tailored team specific for your requirements, giving you all of the necessary support and expertise to succeed.

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EntrepreneurBeta HQ

Sebastian Jaramillo
Digital Health

New York
Erika Emeruwa
Marketing and Branding

Jon Lo
Data and Automation

Ralf Kubli
DeFi and crypto

Adrian Timeo
App development

Manas Lodhavia
Go to Market Strategy

Sam Ang

Yota Trom
Together in tech

Marjorie Condoris
Luxury Retail

Network key benefits

Generating audiences

Our network is a force multiplier – we collectively amplify impact whether it’s an audience for a demo day or building a grassroots network in a new market

Sourcing talent quickly

We can quickly put together a delivery team and specialist advisors with the right mix of skills and experience to fit your needs across geographies and sectors

Diverse and global talent

Our talent is diverse in every sense – we seek people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and skills and can be flexible in how our team delivers the best results

Our growing global network

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EntrepreneurBeta-Rani Nagpal, CMO, New York

"I have participated in several EB programs as a guest lecturer and mentor - it was gratifying to be a part of of such an exceptional global community of entrepreneurs and experts carefully curated by EB x network"

Rani Nagpal, CMO, New York


We integrate a beta mindset, our network and knowledge of startups with robust business growth experience to support your growth journey

EBx Network

The EBx network gives high growth businesses, educational institutions and our ecosystem partners access to a diverse pool of experts

Knowledge Hub

We curate and publish relevant reports within the EBx network and beyond focused on strategy, innovation, growth and entrepreneurship