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We strive to push forward the dialogue and impact policy for more equitable, diverse and inclusive innovation ecosystems primarily through one to one coaching and mentoring for diverse founders and entrepreneurial, research collaborations and InBeta projects .

Our research focus to date has centered on immigrant entrepreneurship and you will find our featured report and articles below as well as curated external research on DE&I in entrepreneurship.

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How do cities attract and integrate high-skilled immigrant entrepreneurs?

Today’s emerging entrepreneurs are global, tech savvy innovators who have far more choice on where to start and grow their businesses than ever before. We researched and documented more than 30 grassroots models which were effective in attracting talented immigrant founders and startups to drive the entrepreneurial economy forward.

Research objectives

  • Identify the key local public, private and educational stakeholders supporting immigrant entrepreneurship across cities

  • Document the emerging models through a series of interviews

  • Understand the challenges faced by immigrant entrepreneurs in each city

  • We built a pipeline of 13 organisations where they could continue conversations and assess the risk and reward of international expansion.

  • Assess the suitability of models for implementation in the UK

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“This report presents five clear policy proposals for cities, government and universities from a detailed and balanced investigation of how world cities are attracting and welcoming international entrepreneurs..I hope you find this report as useful and as optimistic as I do” David Rae, Director Enterprise Educators UK

David Rae, Director, Enterprise Educators UK

Curated reports on inclusive innovation and diverse entrepreneurship

Why venture capitalists are missing out on the opportunity to invest in diverse entrepreneurs, how it’s hurting their returns, and what to do about it

This report presents ground-breaking data, analysis and compelling stories on the contribution and challenges of minority businesses in the UK

While just 14% of UK residents are foreign-born, 49% of the UK’s fastest-growing startups have at least one foreign-born co-founder

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