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We live and breathe our Beta philosophy and are constantly collaborating with partners to experiment with new ideas. Our current projects are shown below, get in touch if you have an idea you would like to launch and collaborate on.


EntrepreneurBeta x inside.edge

In 2021, we heard from a growing number of employees, in particular, mid-career professionals looking for more more flexible working and starting that side hustle they always dreamed of. However later in life, when there are bigger commitments, kids, mortgages, with more nuanced decision-making in how to take the entrepreneurial leap. Our “Beta” community kicked off with 3 sessions last summer to tackle some of these questions and approaches head-on. We’d love to collaborate with anyone interested in driving this initiative forward.


Building the Pipeline for Women in Web3

Less than 5% of entrepreneurs in crypto, blockchain and Web3 are women. To address the gap, we are holding a series of events to break down the jargon, raise awareness of the opportunities in the space and how you can integrate it into your own business. We are starting off this movement with 3 events this Summer with leaders and founders in two prime DeFi ecosystems – London and New York

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