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We are living in times of unprecedented change and within innovation and disruption. Larger companies and stalwarts are increasingly looking to entrepreneurs and startups as a source of innovation for their existing businesses.

We combine robust business knowledge with extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial ecosystems and startups in the UK and internationally across three main service areas serving growing businesses of all sizes from high growth startups to corporates, educational institutions, investors and ecosystem partners.

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By choosing to work with us, your fees also enable us to provide entrepreneurial skills training to those who many not otherwise be able to afford it.

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We integrate a beta mindset, our network and knowledge of startups with robust business growth experience from top tier independent experts globally to support your growth journey

We design and deliver programs to support innovation and entrepreneurship for educational institutions leveraging our global network of  business leaders and experts

We help promote diversity, equity and inclusion in entrepreneurship through research and coaching for diverse business leaders and founders

Some of our previous clients include leading universities, high growth businesses and startups